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From: Andrew Ingleside
Subject: Experimenting, Part 6 (bi-high school)______6______________________Jamie first emerged from her cloud of sleep not knowing where she was or
what time it was. As she slowly recognized Illegal Preteen Nymphets her room, she recalled that she
had apparently fallen asleep shortly after one of the most intense
masturbation sessions she’d ever had, and then recalled what she had seen
with Greg and Gary earlier that afternoon. As she smiled with pleasure at
the thought, she became aware that she was once again ragingly horny, and
wondered what kind of dreams she’d been having. She looked in the mirror
next to the bed and confirmed her state of arousal, seeing that her sex was
again obscenely engorged and dripping. “Shit!” she said out loud, cupping
her raging pussy with both hands and spreading it wide; in the state it was
in, she thought it looked like someone could drive a truck into it. “I
don’t know if this is a gift or a curse!” she concluded.Just then she heard a soft rapping on her door. “Just a minute!” she
called, jumping up and wrapping her robe tighter around her. Shit, she
thought, now I can’t make my self come again, and I really need to. “Who is
it?”"Jame?” said a small voice, “It’s Carolyn.”What the hell was Carolyn doing here, Jamie thought, but ok; better than
her parents or her brother–maybe she could talk about today with Carolyn,
but talking about it would make her hornier and Carolyn couldn’t help her
with it. She decided she had to tell somebody, though, and Carolyn was
about the only one possible. As Jamie opened the door, she thought it was
strange that her friend was leaning against the wall outside; she looked
funny somehow.”You ok, Car?”Carolyn turned to her, flushed, her breath ragged, her eyes
unfocused. “I’m, uh, sure, uh, fine, um, never been better, unh, I don’t
know…I…uh…”Jamie grabbed her by the arm and pulled her into the room. “We need to
talk. Illegal Preteen Nymphets
Something’s going on with you and you need to tell me what it is. I’m
your best friend and you can tell me anything, you know. But hang on a
minute; I need to find out where everybody is first. Just sit and I’ll be
right back.” Seeing Carolyn sit unsteadily on the corner of the bed, Jamie
ran downstairs and, determining that no one was home, went to the answering
machine and played the messages, hearing first that her parents would be
late and then that Gary was at Greg’s. Cool, she thought, based on the
looks of my buddy up there we need some privacy. She ran back up the stairs
and paused to catch her breath at the top. As she stood there a moment, she
heard a soft splat noise, and looked down to see that a drop of pussy juice
had fallen out of her overstimulated vagina onto the hardwood floor; she
had momentarily forgotten how turned on she was. Deep breaths, deep
breaths, she told herself; this is no time to be a horndog–your friend
needs your full attention. A little more composed, she re-entered her room
to find Carolyn still sitting on the edge of the bed, staring into space,
looking like she was almost ready to cry.”Now you tell me what’s the matter, right now Cary!” Jamie demanded.Carolyn looked up pleadingly, her eyes moist. “I can’t,” she said softly.”Bullshit you can’t. There isn’t anything you can’t tell me.”"I wouldn’t even know how to start with this. I’m such a juvenile mess.”"Ok, here–I’ll guess, and you nod your head when I get close, ok?” Carolyn
nodded weakly. “Is it school?” Carolyn shook her head no. “Parents?”
Shake. “Bullies?” Shake. “Is it a boy? Do you like somebody?” Carolyn
paused, but shook her head. Confused by the pause, Jamie thought for a
second, then tried “Is it sex? Something about sex?” Carolyn’s eyes grew
wide, but then she nodded slightly and looked even more distressed. “So
you’re having a sex problem?” More nodding. “Is it your period?”
Shake. “Could you be…pregnant?” “Eeeew, no!” “Ok, ok, I had to ask…is
it your development?”Carolyn started to shake, but then stopped and said “Sort of, but not
really.”"Sort of. Ok; is it your breasts? Are you worried that they’re small or
something? ‘Cause they’re not.” Shake. Jamie, Illegal Preteen Nymphets getting into the questioning
and forgetting what she was wearing, pulled her legs up on the bed and sat
with her legs crossed, inadvertently exposing her stunning genitalia to her
horny friend. Carolyn’s eyes immediately looked down and locked on the
furry area. Jamie, not noticing at first, continued: “Is it your pubic
hair? Not growing fast enough?” Shake…tremble. Finally noticing where her
friend was looking, a light clicked on in Jamie’s head. “Wait a
minute…are you horny?” Carolyn looked up, pained. “Sexually excited?”
More wide eyes and pain. “So what’s the prob…wait a minute…and you
don’t know what to do about it?” Carolyn nodded vigorously and dissolved
into tears. Jamie held her arms out and hugged her friend close, “Ok, it’s
ok, everybody feels that way sometime. I don’t know why you thought you
couldn’t tell me, though–it’s really ok.”Carolyn, the spell broken, looked gratefully at her friend. “I’m sorry;
it’s so personal and so new to me and it’s never been this bad before–I
just didn’t know what to say.” She pulled her legs up on the bed also and
crossed them, holding onto Jamie’s arms as she said softly “Can you tell me
how to deal with this? Illegal Preteen Nymphets
I feel like I’m gonna explode.”Jamie was only partially Illegal Preteen Nymphets listening, however; she had looked down when
Carolyn pulled her legs up and crossed them, and immediately noticed
Carolyn’s lack of panties. Her bright orange pubic hair stood out like a
lighthouse under her pale yellow sundress, and her very visible inner lips
were totally engorged and protruding, though not nearly as far as Jamie’s
own, and obviously just dripping juice. Jamie was engrossed in seeing how a
more “normal” pussy looked when it got excited. “Carolyn?” Jamie
interrupted.”Hm?”"Why aren’t you wearing any panties?”Carolyn’s right hand flew up to her mouth and her left hand flew down to
cover her exposed crotch. “Oh, god, I’m so sorry, I…I…” she exclaimed
and got up, flustered. Jamie grabbed her arm and sat her back on the bed.”Will you settle down? What’s to be sorry about? It’s ok. Your pussy is
really pretty. I love the color of the hair. And don’t be embarrassed, but
it does look really excited.” As she said that, Jamie realized that her own
pussy was throbbing again. She had no idea what was going to happen here,
or how to help her friend, but she was so turned on that she knew she’d be
up for anything. That pretty red pussy only a couple of feet away was
drawing her in like a magnet.Carolyn, relaxing a bit, closed her eyes and tried to force the
embarrassment out of herself. She lifted the hem of her sundress a little
and looked down at herself. “You really think it’s pretty?” she said
uncertainly. “It’s not nearly as pretty as yours, though–yours is the most
beautiful thing I’ve ever seen,” she gushed, and then, as if aware of the
intensity of her compliment, flew her hand up over her mouth again.”Will you stop doing that?” Jamie insisted, pulling Carolyn’s hand
down. “It’s ok.” She slowly untied the belt of her robe and parted it,
fully exposing her dark blond bush and the engorged flesh beneath. “Thank
you for the compliment; I haven’t seen many others, particularly when
they’re excited, but I guess mine is pretty special. I was thinking to
myself before that I don’t know if having all this is a blessing or a
curse.”"I think it’s so cool that you can see how excited you are. I’m so horny
I’m about to blow up, but mine’s not as swollen looking as yours,” said
Carolyn distantly, rubbing her pubic hair lightly.”Maybe not, but you can tell you’re excited; look at how thick your inner
lips are,” observed Jamie clinically. “I bet they’re not that big usually,
and you can see that you’re wet.” She paused for a moment, then moved her
hand toward Carolyn’s dripping organ. “May I touch it to show you
something?”Don’t respond too fast, thought Carolyn in a panic, although that was what
she wanted more than air just then. “Oh–Oh–okay…” she replied
hesitantly.Jamie moved her hand over the soft, damp pubic bush and ran her fingers
gently over the sopping lips, causing Carolyn’s to jerk violently. “Did I
hurt you?” asked Jamie with concern, drawing her hand away.”NNOOO!” cried Carolyn then, aware of the urgency of her response, tried to
calm down. “I mean no. It felt really nice. It’s like electric shocks are
going through me.”Jamie returned her hand gently to her friend’s genitals, with a sly
smile. This girl was hot as a firecracker, she thought–she’s going to come
in about 30 seconds once I get serious. As if Jamie’s thoughts could be
read, Carolyn’s hips started pumping rhythmically, and she started to moan
uncontrollably. “Lay back, hon,” said Jamie gently. “Let’s see if I can
relieve some of this pressure.”"Oh, God, thank you Jamie,” whispered Carolyn, “You’re such a good
friend–I need this so bad.” She lay back on the pillows, pulling her
sundress up above her waist and spreading her legs wide. She really does
have great legs and a pretty pussy, Jamie thought as she inserted a finger
into the sopping hole and used her thumb to stimulate Carolyn’s now
slightly visible clit bump. The red hair was a beautiful color and due to
its lightness both in color Illegal Preteen Nymphets and amount all of Carolyn’s feminine parts were
very visible, and visibly excited. Jamie wondered what it would taste like.Fireworks were going off in Carolyn’s overstimulated head and pussy as her
friend rolled her clit under her thumb and fingerfucked her gently in and
out. This is the best thing on earth, she thought. I have to learn to do
this for myself, but there no way I’m going to stop her now to show me. Her
hips rotated and pumped up and down, and after about 30 seconds of this
Jamie increased the speed of her penetration and stimulation, causing
Carolyn to say “Ohhhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Oh my God! What’s happening?
What’s …Ohhhhhhhhhhh! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!” as she began to orgasm violently,
thrashing her hips up and down, her legs spread so wide she almost looked
double-jointed, her pussy muscles noticeably clamping down on Jamie’s
finger as a small flow of juice ran out over her hand. Jamie continued to
pump her fingers in and out for at least a full two minutes after the
orgasm started, and Carolyn just kept coming and coming until Jamie lost
track of how many individual orgasms there had been. Finally she slowed
down to allow Carolyn to come back to earth, and as her hips slowed their
rotation she began to smile uncontrollably and then, without Illegal Preteen Nymphets warning, to
cry huge tears, sobbing. “Car? You ok, honey? Everything ok?” asked Jamie,
although she knew it was a result of the amazing changes her body had just
gone through.”Yes…No…I don’t know…what happened…oh my God that was the best
thing ever in my life. Thank you, Jamie…thank you!” sobbed Carolyn as she
reached up to hold her friend in her arms. They held each other for several
minutes, Carolyn continuing to shake with post-orgasmic contractions, and
Jamie very, very gently running just the tip of her erect clit against
Carolyn’s thigh, her vaginal muscles spasming shut with each stroke. I
better move this along, she thought, before I start totally humping her leg
and freak her out–I gotta come real soon. “Car?”"What, Jame?”"Do you want me to show you how to do that for yourself?”"Oh, would you? That’s what I wanted all along, but that was before YOU
did me–it couldn’t be as good as that, could it?”"Well, it’s always better when somebody else does it I guess, but it can be
awfully good, and then you can do it whenever you want. You ready to sit up
now?” Carolyn nodded her assent and sat up, her sundress falling back Illegal Preteen Nymphets down
over her partially satisfied pussy. Oh, no we don’t, thought Jamie. “Here,
let’s take this off of you,” she said, and reached over to help Carolyn
pull the sundress over her head. It’ll be easier to show you everything if
we’re naked.” Jamie paused for a moment to admire Carolyn’s developing
body; her breasts were small but very firm, and though thin, her waist was
nicely tapered, setting off her fabulous ass and legs. You are one sexy
girl Carolyn, thought Jamie, and the sexiest thing is that you don’t even
know it. Jamie got up off the bed and slowly removed her robe, knowing the
effect it would have on her friend.Carolyn was awestruck by the perfection of the body that revealed itself to
her just then. High, jutting breasts, a slim, tapered waist, subtle but
visible musculature on the stomach, and a perfect, even tan broken only by
small triangles of white around the nipples and along the sides of the
pubic hair, stopping even with the top of it. Carolyn had no idea how so
much could fit into a swimsuit that small. “Jame? Can I ask you a kind of
weird question?” “Sure, baby, go ahead.” “Um, your tan lines are really
small, so your suit must be, too. And I mean, since, you’re, uh, so…uh,
big–how do you keep everything in?”Jamie chuckled at her friend’s interest. “Well, the tan lines you see are
from my “secret suit”; it’s a little thong my mom doesn’t know I have, and
I only wear it when I lay out there,” indicating the flat portion of the
roof outside her bedroom window, “Where nobody can see me. And you’re
right–it really doesn’t keep everything in. It feels like I’m always
tucking something back in ’cause I don’t want it to get sunburned.” Jamie
paused for a moment, wondering how far she wanted to take this; she knew
the next moment would move the afternoon to the next level depending on
what she said, and decided to go for it. “I could never wear that suit in
public, ’cause God help me if Illegal Preteen Nymphets I ever got excited–as you can see, I get
pretty big when I get going,” and as she said that she pulled the hood back
on both sides of her erect clit, causing it to protrude its full inch, the
head shiny purple, throbbing and angry looking. Jamie thrilled to the
expression on Carolyn’s face, and almost thought she could see a little
drop of drool on the corner of her mouth as she stared. “This would tent
out my suit big time, don’t you think?” Carolyn nodded dumbly. Jamie had
started absentmindedly rubbing her big clit while she was talking, and
didn’t notice she was doing it until her knees started to buckle. “Whew, I
better sit down,” she said, taking Carolyn’s place lying on the bed. “Now,
you stay where you are, opposite me, so you can see what I’m doing and you
do it to yourself at the same time. First, rub the outside of your pussy
with the flat of your hand, sort of in a circle.”Jamie demonstrated, moving her substantial mound around and tickling the
underside of her clit subtly with her middle finger as she did so. Carolyn
was a natural, feeling her soft pussy hair and cupping her mound in sync
with Jamie. “Now, run your fingers around the inner lips, and pull on them
a little.” They were mirror images, both totally staring at the other’s
ripe vagina as they did so. “Now Illegal Preteen Nymphets if you’re wet, dip a finger into your
hole, shallow at first, and then a little deeper as you get more excited.”
Both of the girls were so excited at this time they almost immediately sank
the entire length of their middle fingers into their steaming pies and
fucked in and out at a decent clip. Carolyn was moaning fairly loudly again
already, Illegal Preteen Nymphets and Jamie’s next instructions were given breathlessly:
“Now…ohhhh…take your other hand and grab your clit between your thumb
and finger and pull the hood back and forth…”"Hang on a minute, Jame–I think you’re forgetting that I can’t do that;
I’m not as big as you.”"Oh, yeah–then just take the flat of your other hand and put it on top of
your clit, then rub it in a circle as fast as it feels good.” Carolyn
complied, but then stopped and looked slyly at Jamie. “Why did you stop?
Isn’t it working?” Jamie asked.”Oh, it works, but…well, can I…um…try what yours feels like? I mean,
so I know what I’m looking for? You know, cause you did me?”"Sure hon, I’d like that,” replied Jamie, and took her hand away. Her clit
was about to explode, standing straight up, twitching and throbbing, her
inner lips wide open and dripping juice onto the bed, and Jamie moved two
fingers into the open hole. Carolyn lowered her hand reverently to the
erect knob, marveling at how hard it felt; it almost didn’t feel like flesh
at all–more like a bone, except it moved and swelled with obvious life as
she touched it. As she started moving her hand around Jamie let out a sharp
moan and plunged two of her own fingers into her opening, and Carolyn
noticed that her pussy hole was now also twitching and contracting,
expelling a good amount of thick white fluid around the pistoning
fingers. “Grab the hood between your fingers,” Jamie pleaded; “Pull it back
and forth. God I need to come NOW!” Carolyn pulled back and forth rapidly
on the turgid organ, feeling it grow, impossibly, even larger under her
attention. “Ohhhhhh, fuuuuuuuck, Car I’m gonna come, I’m gonna come, I’m
gonna OOOhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Jamie dissolved into the frenzy of orgasm, her big
clit throbbing and getting darker purple with each throb, her inner lips
clenching around her own rapidly moving hand, which she quickly removed and
said “Here it comes, ooohhhhuuuhhhhhh!” as a torrent of fluid spurted from
her opening onto the bed, followed by another and then another before the
throbbing and clenching subsided, and Carolyn reluctantly removed her hand
from the amazing appendage she held. So that was an orgasm, Illegal Preteen Nymphets she thought; I
know I had one, but holy shit–that was amazing. This girl was totally
built for sex, and whoever was her partner was the luckiest person in the
world. With a little giggle, Carolyn realized that, at least for now, that
person was her.”What are you laughing about, Car? Do I have a funny look on my face or
something?” asked Jamie huskily.”No, just thinking how lucky I am to be able to do this with somebody so
sexy.”"Ohh, come here,” smiled Jamie, reaching up to pull her friend down into an
embrace. “Think how lucky I Illegal Preteen Nymphets am to get to introduce a hot girl like you to
sex. And you ARE really sexy, you know, whether you admit it or not.”"Well, I’m glad you think so, but I don’t think so. I wish I could stay
longer; I’d like to do more stuff, if you’d want to, but I gotta go; I’m
going out with my aunt tonight.”"Oh, poo. I was hoping you could sleep over and we’d have all night to do
more ’stuff’. How about tomorrow?”Carolyn shivered at the thought of a whole night with her sexy friend. “I
think I can do tomorrow.” She looked at Jamie for a moment, still laying
back on the bed, her beautiful pussy exposed, but a little more “normal”
looking as it had started to return to its unaroused state. Carolyn
pointed to it and said, smiling, “I can’t believe somebody as beautiful as
you gets to have all that pussy too. It’s just not fair to the rest of
us.”"Oh, shut up you booger. Yours is just as pretty, it’s just different. I
can’t wait to do more. You better get going then,” she added as she sat up
and gently kissed Carolyn’s lips, just giving her a hint of
tongue. Unintentionally, they felt the kiss begin to escalate into a more
heated affair as they tongued each other more seriously. Carolyn’s arm
wrapped around the back of Jamie’s neck to hold her head closer, and
Jamie’s hand moved down to between Carolyn’s legs, beginning again to
stroke her soft, moist nether lips. When she felt Carolyn’s legs part, she
ran her middle finger along the slit and then, without warning, plunged it
deep into her hole, pumping in and out with full length strokes. Carolyn
broke their kiss to cry out in pleasure, her hips writhing and her pussy
grasping Jamie’s finger like a mouth. “Oh my Godddd,” cried Carolyn, “Why
are you doing this to me again…I’ve gotta go–but now Illegal Preteen Nymphets I’ve gotta COME!!!
Ohhhhh shhhh…”Jamie really had no intention of starting this back up again, but what was
meant to be a tender “see ya later” kiss just started her engine right back
up, and she couldn’t resist the feel of her friend’s soft, excitable
pussy. Suddenly, she was hit by an overwhelming urge to taste Carolyn, and
pushed her back on the bed, spreading her legs wide, her lightly furred
genitals again swollen, open and dripping. “What are you…ohhhhhhhhhhhhh,”
gasped Carolyn as Jamie brought her head down to her crotch and drew all of
Carolyn’s inner lips into her mouth at once, swirling her tongue around and
around, giving tiny flicks to the now Illegal Preteen Nymphets hard clitoris she could feel at the
top of the opening. Carolyn was in a frenzy, her hips moving spastically
and her fingers clenching the bedcovers as if she was about to be bucked to
the floor. Jamie wanted to bring this to a conclusion quickly, and knew
Carolyn wouldn’t mind at all, so she thrust two fingers rapidly in and out
of the soaked pussy hole while licking Carolyn’s erect clit with furious
tongue strokes. “CCCCOOOOOMMMMIIIINNNNGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!” screamed Carolyn as
her pussy spasmed once, twice and several times, leaking copious amounts of
fluid, her hips out of control and trembling. Slowly Jamie eased up the
licking, and after a moment or two raised her head to find her friend
staring at her with undisguised lust and awe.”Where the hell did you learn to do that?” asked Carolyn with wonder.”Ohhhhhhhhhh, nowhere really,” Jamie said, and Carolyn picked up the Illegal Preteen Nymphets slight
aversion of her eyes, meaning something was being left unsaid. “I just did
what I thought I’d like done to me. Illegal Preteen Nymphets For some reason I just had to taste
you.”"That was so amazing… but now I really Illegal Preteen Nymphets
gotta go and I’m so drained I
don’t know how I’m going to walk home.” She got up unsteadily, looking
lustfully at her friend lying naked on the bed, lightly rubbing her
mound. “But I’ll make it. Man, am I glad I came over today. Where’s my
underwear?”"I have no idea–you didn’t have it on when I woke up, remember? I’m really
glad you came over too. I think this is the start of a lot of fun.”"Oh shit, there it is over by the dresser where I threw it. I can’t wait to
do to you what you just did to me. Although I’m not sure how it’s going to
all fit in my mouth.” Jamie play slapped her friend and got up to take her
to the door, where they kissed lightly, and without a further word Carolyn
left, taking one look back at Jamie standing in her doorway, her perfect
body backlit by the setting sun coming through the bedroom behind, and
despite all of the much needed sexual satisfaction Carolyn had finally
received that day, she felt a small Illegal Preteen Nymphets
thrill and gush in her pussy as she
went down the stairs. What have we started, she wondered?
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